Artistic perceptions from us to you! conscious efforts...

After covering the entire gamut of the communications process, we felt the need to communicate something on a purely aesthetic level. Art- that which touches the hearts of people who treasure, value and appreciate it.

Besides appealing to the finer sensibilities, most of these designer objects also double up as functional items.

At Sapan Jhaveri, it has been our conscious effort to make art more accessible and in the process, promote the traditional crafts as well as the artisans who create them.


  • Paintings are an artistic medium of expression, and the forms are endless. Loaded with emotional narrative contents, there is graphics, mix media, a painter’s thoughts, his perceptions and his beliefs; and more importantly his imaginative sphere. We aim to connect this artistic connection of a painter with you.
    Wood as a contemporary artistic medium, is used in traditional and modern styles, of art. Wooden art is mostly used for sculpture, craft, and decoration and many a times the object also has a domestic functionality. At Sapan Jhaveri we deal in varied form of Wooden Art to promote wooden artistry at all levels.
    Wooden Art
  • At Sapan Jhaveri we create customized prints, which can be utilized for different purposes. The design can be used as a wall hanging frame or for objects of function like coasters, tray etc. or anything as per the user’s imagination.
  • Paper’s invention is perhaps the most the multi used discovery in the history of mankind. Its use is just not confined to writing but also extended to, to many other purposes and creations. We design paper products for different usages. It could vary from pre designed set of letterheads & envelops, visiting cards, philately exhibition booklet etc.

    Paper Products
  • Oil Paintings
  • Paper Weights
  • Ink Drawings
  • Papers & Envelopes
  • Plates
  • Book Markers
  • Coasters
  • Wooden Articles
  • Varli Paintings
  • Greeting Cards
recent projects

At Sapan Jhaveri, we have worked on a number of projects in the past and continue to provide quality services & products to multiple clients. Below are a few samples of recent projects that Sapan Jhaveri has completed recently. Additional project images can be seen by clicking here.